Monday, August 6, 2007

Dynamic Picture Frame - Add Photos Using Standard Web Interface

Scott Lenger has his new Digital Photo Frame finished and has taken a different route then many others for the interface to load photos. He used a 14″ WiFi enabled Winbook C140 to make this frame. Scott says:
Building an old notebook into a picture frame has already been done many times before, what makes mine unique is that instead of pulling pictures off of a disk, hard drive, or flickr account, mine is built using standard web tools (XHTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP) so that myself and others can add and edit photos remotely through a web browser!
He has built a web (php) interface that makes image uploading to the frame easy for anyone to do is pretty straightforward. The interface uploads the images with php, resizes them to 1024×768 and adds a thumbnail image as well. It will even rotate the image using javascript. Below is a screen-grab of the web interface he built. If you're interested in this, he is willing to share the code used to make the web interface.
Scott offers up some good suggestions for those considering making one of these. This is his second try at building a Digital Picture Frame as his first one ran into some hardware problems.

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scott said...

Thanks for the write up Brent. I guess flickr would also fall under the category of standard web tools, but don't tell anyone!

Sorry I couldn't provide more instructions on the disassembly, but I got tired of taking pictures. Suffice it to say. 80% of the screws had to come out JUST to remove the display hinges. Luckily, the Winbook is fairly thin, so the enclosure pretty much fit in the box frame as-is.

Brent Evans said...

When I did my disassembly for my first photo frame project I had the same problem. I was just stressed wondering if I'd get it all back together as I was also replacing the power plug attached to the motherboard also so I totally understand. Your how-to was very nice either way.